Sarah has an amazing set of talents.

When she is at her best, Sarah starts problem solving with Fact Finder:

  1. Sarah begins a project by fact checking and determining practical and appropriate priorities.
  2. Next, Sarah brainstorms.
  3. Then, she looks for ways to fit the project into the system.
  4. Finally, she will look for pre-made solutions.

There are four Kolbe Action Modes® indentified across the top of the Kolbe Chart. Each Action Mode represents a natural pattern of behavior that helps you make better decisions — your natural strengths.

Sarah gathers and shares information by Specifying.
For instance, she might:
  • Research in depth
  • Establish specific priorities
  • Quantify/rank order particulars
  • Define objectives
  • Assess probabilities
  • Define terms with exactness
  • Determine appropriateness
  • Provide historical evidence
  • Create analogies
  • Develop complex strategies
Sarah deals with risks and uncertainty by Improvising.
For instance, she might:
  • Create a sense of urgency
  • Initiate change
  • Improvise solutions
  • Experiment
  • Promote alternatives
  • Initiate innovation
  • Originate options
  • Generate slogans
  • Defy the odds
  • Ad lib stories and presentations
Sarah arranges and designs by Maintaining.
For instance, she might:
  • Package things together that fit
  • Adjust procedures
  • Monitor policies
  • Realign objectives
  • Coordinate schedules
  • Draft guidelines
  • Provide transitions and segues
  • Identify inconsistencies
  • Review lists
  • Record information
Sarah handles space and tangibles by Imagining.
For instance, she might:
  • Create abstract images
  • Conceptualize solutions
  • Envision circumstances
  • Capture the essence
  • Symbolically portray
  • Find intangible methods
  • Create temporary fixes
  • Mass produce
  • Deal with abstractions
  • Concoct out of thin air

What Drives
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