Carol has an amazing set of talents.

When he/she is at his/her best, Carol starts problem solving with Quick Start:

  1. Carol begins a project by brainstorming.
  2. Next, Carol checks facts.
  3. Then, he/she looks for several alternative routes.
  4. Finally, he/she will look for pre-made solutions.

There are four Kolbe Action Modes® indentified across the top of the Kolbe Chart. Each Action Mode represents a natural pattern of behavior that helps you make better decisions — your natural strengths.

Carol deals with risks and uncertainty by Improvising.
For instance, he/she might:
  • Create a sense of urgency
  • Initiate change
  • Improvise solutions
  • Experiment
  • Promote alternatives
  • Initiate innovation
  • Originate options
  • Generate slogans
  • Defy the odds
  • Ad lib stories and presentations
Carol gathers and shares information by Explaining.
For instance, he/she might:
  • Create documentation and instructions
  • Review the data
  • Edit the details
  • Work within priorities
  • Start with the highest probability
  • Use terms properly
  • Respond appropriately
  • Test analogies
  • Consider all of the evidence
  • Rewrite and fact-check written material
Carol arranges and designs by Adapting.
For instance, he/she might:
  • Create shortcuts
  • Revise approaches
  • Thrive on interruptions
  • Diversify
  • Switch tasks frequently
  • Be flexible
  • Cut through bureaucracy
  • Do several things at once
  • Keep everything accessible
  • Find ways around problems
Carol handles space and tangibles by Imagining.
For instance, he/she might:
  • Create abstract images
  • Conceptualize solutions
  • Envision circumstances
  • Capture the essence
  • Symbolically portray
  • Find intangible methods
  • Create temporary fixes
  • Mass produce
  • Deal with abstractions
  • Concoct out of thin air

What Drives
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